Top Android App Design Companies 2020

Mobile apps can help your business increase brand awareness, provide value to your customers, and increase customer loyalty, and help you stand out from the competition.

Looking to design an Android app for your business? Check out this list of the top Android app design companies, and get started today!

1. Blue Fountain Media

DCR Trust Score: 88%

With locations in New York City, Chicago, and Seattle, Blue Fountain Media is a top-rated app design firm. The Blue Fountain Media team understands that your app is an extension of your business, and their team of designers can help you create a custom Android app that represents your brand and helps you reach more customers. Blue Fountain Media also offers mobile app strategy, development, and marketing to help take your mobile app to the next level.

2. Savvy Apps

DCR Trust Score: 76%

Savvy Apps is a top-ranked mobile development company focusing on Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. Between their apps, blog, media appearances, and best-selling book, Savvy Apps has helped thousands of people design and develop successful apps since 2009. Savvy Apps’ core services include strategy, user experience, visual design, native development, backend development, and marketing. The company focuses on designing apps that increase the productivity of users, and the Savvy Apps team works with clients throughout the design and development process to ensure the final product meets their needs and helps them connect with potential customers. Top Savvy Apps clients include PBS and the NFL Players Association.

3. Cygnis Media

DCR Trust Score: 68%

Located in Pleasanton, CA, Cygnis Media is a leading app development company that offers web, mobile, and Facebook app development services. Cygnis Media works with agencies and brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs to design products, business, utility, and gaming apps for Android devices. The Cygnis Media team creates designs that accommodate different sized screens, create great user experiences, and optimize for speed and performance. The company works with top brands including NFL, Oreo, Samsung, Air France, National Geographic, Wendy’s, GMC, Toyota, Cadillac, Cadbury, and Trident.

4. Big Drop Inc

DCR Trust Score: 61%

Located in New York City, Big Drop Inc is a digital agency that specializes in website design, custom development, and mobile apps. Considered one of the best Android app design firms in the country, Big Drop Inc. offers services that meet the needs of any business that wants a fully custom Android app. Big Drop Inc works with clients in a number of industries, including local businesses and online entrepreneurs. And each Android app created by Big Drop Inc goes through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to detect and eliminate errors and bugs that can hinder user experience.

5. Y Media Labs

DCR Trust Score: 55%

Y Media Labs has locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Bangalore, India. And the Y Media team works with leading global brands to create successful mobile applications. Y Media Labs combines digital strategy, design and prototyping, and technology to create beautiful, user-friendly Android apps to help clients attract and engage more customers. And they have a knack for pushing the limits to turn ideas into reality.

6. Eight25 Media

DCR Trust Score: 39%

Eight25 Media is an award-winning Silicon Valley web design firm. The Eight25 Media team uses a cross-disciplinary approach to optimize Android app designs. And the team consists of user experience specialists, UI designers, developers, and project management experts. If you want to create a custom Android app that appeals to your customers and provides great user experiences, Eight25 Media can help. They even offer free consultations with their team of marketing experts to help you discover and implement a solution that’s right for your business.

7. Hudson Integrated

DCR Trust Score: 37%

Based in New Jersey, Hudson Integrated provides intelligent, sustainable IT solutions for local businesses. Custom Android app solutions from Hudson Integrated can help your business reach and engage more current and prospective customers. Hudson Integrated works with clients in a number of industries including retailers, schools, hospitals, schools, charitable organizations, and independent contractors. The company has been recognized by PRNews, Web Marketing Association, The Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, and Top Interactive Agencies.

8. Posse

DCR Trust Score: 32%

Posse is a mobile design and development studio located in New York City. The company has experience creating apps for Android and iOS, and Posse offers best-in-class design and development capabilities for mobile devices. The Posse team partners with entrepreneurs, funded start-ups, growth companies, and major brands and provides all the capabilities clients need to get from idea to launch. Posse works with top clients such as Acustom Apparel, Beer O’Clock, Gatorade + Smart Design, Hypewriter, and Cinematique.

9. Appstem

DCR Trust Score: 28%

Appstem is a leading iOS and Android app design and development company located in San Francisco. And the company has built hundreds of apps for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Appstem has designed everything from complex enterprise apps to consumer-focused apps and multiplayer games.  The Appstem team works with some of the largest companies and most recognizable companies in the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, enterprise, Lionsgate, Gold’s Gym, Jiffy Lube, and Neutrogena.

10. RSQ

DCR Trust Score: 17%

Red Square Agency has offices in both Mobile, AL, and Chicago. They bring valuable expertise from their design background which has been in business since 1977. This extensive experience gains the business of large Fortune 500 companies for the RSQ mobile app team.

The companies on this list can help your business create an effective and engaging Android app to help you reach more customers.

What are you waiting for? Contact a trusted Android app design partner, and start designing your custom app today.


How to find the best Android App design company for you

If you’re overwhelmed with our list of the best 2020 Android App design companies, follow the tips below to help you choose the best one for you.

Get to know them 

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important that you get to know the Android App company. Ask them questions like:

  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Have you created apps for clients in my industry?
  • How do you handle feedback?
  • Will I be able to make edits and changes?
  • What is your payment structure like? 

The answers to these questions can help you decide if an agency is right for you.

Talk with them on the phone 

Simply writing emails back and forth to get to know an agency won’t help you choose the best one for you. 

You should meet in person or talk on the phone to get to know an agency properly. 

This will allow you to ask questions in succession and see how the conversation flows between you. It’s important that you get along with your app designer since you’ll be working together for the entirety of the project.

Consider your budget

Your budget is extremely important and should be a deciding factor when it comes to which Android App agency you choose. 

You should do your research ahead of time to determine an average baseline cost for the services you’re interested in. From there, you can determine your personal app budget and start weeding out agencies that are priced too high. 

You should never exceed your set budget since it can get your business in financial trouble.

Consider client reviews and testimonials

You should look to hire a top Android App agency that has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients. 

Testimonials are positive sentiments that previous clients share to explain the fantastic experience they had with an agency. The best agencies will have more than 100 testimonials.

Reviews can be positive or negative, so you’ll want to look for an agency that has a collection of positive reviews. Don’t let one or two negative reviews ruin an agency for you, though.


We hope we can help you find the Android App agency of your dreams!

We hope that our list of the best Android App agencies of 2020 leads you to your perfect match!

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