Top WordPress Design Companies of 2020

Top 5 WordPress Web Design Companies of 2020

1. Straight North – Downers Grove, Illinois


DCR Trust Score: 75%

Straight North is one of the best-known web design agencies in the whole industry. They’re also experts at WordPress web design, which is why they made this list. With hundreds of employees and dozens of services, the Straight North team can make every click count — just like their motto — on your WordPress site.


2. Pole Position Marketing – Uniontown, Ohio


DCR Trust Score: 70%

Pole Position Marketing offers lots of different online solutions for their clients, but they shine brightest when they work with WordPress sites. Their diverse execution team is talented enough to work in just about any CMS, but the intuitive use of WordPress and its modular nature let the PPM team turn any WordPress property into a real money-maker for businesses. For you, that means more customers, sales, and growth.


3. Fruition – Denver, Colorado


DCR Trust Score: 48%

Fruition is one of the most well-known web design companies in the Denver area. Their specialty with WordPress sites has made them a go-to for startups, small businesses, and other companies that want to take advantage of the WordPress CMS without learning all the back-end information. With an enormous portfolio and a huge execution team, Fruition is an excellent choice for any company with a WordPress site.


4. Bizzuka, Inc. – Lafayette, Louisiana


DCR Trust Score: 29%

Bizzuka is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, and they’ve established themselves as a leading company in the local area. They’ve worked in just about every parish in Louisiana, and they’ve worked extensively outside the state as well. With multiple solutions packages, Bizzuka has become a premier agency for building, optimizing, and growing sites in the WordPress CMS.


5. OneIMS – Skokie, Illinois


DCR Trust Score: 18%

OneIMS focuses on building traffic, converting new leads, and turning leads into sales. They also have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to do all of those things from one single WordPress site, giving you all the growth of a from-scratch website without the added expense. With hundreds of satisfied clients and a laundry list of testimonials, any company can feel safe choosing OneIMS as their WordPress web design partner.


Best 2020 WordPress Web Design Companies

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world – and for good reason. It’s inexpensive and easy to use and has a reputation for being a quality platform.

If you’re in the process of creating a new website, WordPress could be a great choice. Here’s how to determine whether it’s suited to your goals, and how to choose a company to help you with setup and management.

Why WordPress?

Although WordPress started as a blogging platform and used to be mostly used for personal blogs, it has since evolved into a powerful CMS. In fact, according to their site, WordPress currently powers 23% of the Internet.

The primary reason WordPress is so widely used is its simplicity. Although it requires some design and development to create a custom site, there is much less work involved. And after a WordPress site is up and running, updating and maintaining it is easy.

In addition to its ease of use, WordPress sites and blogs can be made responsive. Now that an increasing number of Internet users browse on smartphones and tablets (and mobile-friendliness is a Google ranking factor), responsiveness is extremely important. And while some site owners needed completely new designs to become accessible to mobile users, WordPress sites had no such issue.

Finally, WordPress sites are naturally SEO-friendly. You’ll probably still want to make some additional efforts to help your site be found in search engines, but by using this CMS, part of the work is already done.

How to determine the best WordPress web design companies for your needs

Although it is possible to set up a WordPress site without any technical knowledge, we recommend that you find a company that is skilled with the CMS. There are many templates and free themes available, but if you don’t want a cookie-cutter site, you’ll want to hire a professional designer and developer.

Fortunately, most web designers today are familiar with WordPress. This should make it relatively easy to find a few companies that suit your preferences and have experience creating custom themes. However, that doesn’t make it easy to narrow down your choices.

In addition to simply creating themes, you’ll want to find a company that is skilled in SEO. Like we mentioned earlier, WordPress is naturally SEO-friendly. That being said, if you have no prior knowledge of SEO, you should make sure that the company you choose does.

You should also choose a company that is skilled in responsive design. In 2015, every web design company should be skilled in making sites that are compatible with all devices, but it’s still worth making sure before you sign a contract.

Your final consideration should be whether you want a company that offers copywriting services. Many first-time site owners overlook content, but it is arguably the most important component of any site. If you don’t have anything worth reading or viewing, your site won’t receive any visitors. So unless you have internal copywriters (or can delegate the task to employees with strong writing skills), you may want to choose a copy that offers it.

Having copywriters within your design agency ensure that you won’t have to wait for content to launch your site. And considering that the writers are hired specifically to write content for client sites, they’re likely much more reliable than freelancers.

Of course, your decision of which WordPress web design company to work with depends on your own specific needs. But now that you have a general idea of what to look for (and why we chose the companies we did), check out our full list of company rankings!