10 Web Design Blogs to Inspire Your Design

As a web designer, you probably feel like you’re constantly being sapped of your natural creativity. That’s when it’s time to go out and get some inspiration.

Below are 10 of the most trusted web design blogs to give you information, get you excited, and refresh your overloaded brain.

#1: Designrfix

From designing the perfect logo, to understanding the golden ratio, Designrfix has a wide range of blog posts. In any given week, you can head to this site and get a quick motivation fix.

If you have some thoughts of your own, you might want to connect with the Designrfix team. They are actively looking for writers who have something to contribute to their website.

#2: Inspired Mag

Inspired Mag is both a place to relax and enjoy some thought-provoking articles from other designers, as well as to find resources. One of the coolest resources Inspired Mag showcases is freebies for web design pros. If you want to try new software, but are short on cash, check it out.

#3: CTNW

Are you looking for a site that has a little more of an academic tone mixed with real-world experience? Create Top Notch Websites (CTNW) is a good choice. Not only does the blog owner, Arian Simon, keep adding content, but he offers some free tutorials as well.

Whether you want to buy into his web design course is up to you. Even if you just visit for his occasional posts, you’re sure to get some takeaway info.

#4: Material Design Blog

One of the most obvious things you’ll noticed about Material Design Blog is that it’s using a trendy design itself. Much like you’d see on a Pinterest board, the posts are aligned in blocks. This gives the site itself an unusual feel, especially in the world of magazine-style blogs.

Interested in getting inspiration in a certain area, such as design themes? You can search their library of articles according to topic.

#5: Creative Bloq

Some of the articles at Creative Bloq drill down deeply into narrow topic areas, which is perfect if you’re designing for a niche client. Creative Bloq also includes up-to-date reviews of products that designers will love. It’s definitely a great location to head if you’re dying for some interesting reading and how-to videos. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through the archives. There’s a lot to see here.

#6: Sitepoint

It would be hard not to call Sitepoint one of the more fluff-free web design blog zones. You really won’t come across lighthearted reading. Sitepoint’s users want their info, and they want it spelled out clearly. If you’re seeking advice on HTML, CSS, entrepreneurialism, Java, JavaScript, and mobile, hit up Sitepoint.

#7: Hongkiat

The Hongkiat site has been a landing place for web designers for about a decade, and it’s not showing signs of age. Not only are its topics among the trendiest in the web designing space, but they’re well-written and packed with takeaways. Plus, they’re easy to skim over if you’re looking for something special.

#8: Designmodo

Designmodo is another no-frills place where you can just relax for a bit and see what’s new in the blog. The company keeps the site updated, and the subject matter runs the gamut. On those days when you aren’t sure what you want to learn, but you know you need a break, take a chance on Designmodo. You could just get your design mojo back!

#9: Awwwards

As the name implies, there are plenty of chances to review, vote for, and win awards and accolades at Awwwards. But it’s also just a refreshing stop on a web design inspiration journey. You’ll find that it’s easy to get caught up in reading articles here, especially with a seemingly-endless supply of them just below the fold.

#10: Creative Overflow

What designer doesn’t need a little creative overflow now and then? Creative Overflow bills itself as an online design magazine, and it’s completely addictive. With fun, compelling headlines and new takes on designer topics, it’s a great place to visit on a regular basis.

It rounds out our top 10, but it’s definitely one of the three best inspiration sources available for those seeking wit, wisdom, and website ingenuity.

The next time you’re dragging your feet on a web design, step outside of yourself and head to one of these 10 suggested sites. Doing so may be the perfect way to release your pent-up frustrations and open your mind to new possibilities.

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