Top Real Estate Web Design Companies

Great website design can help your real estate agency attract more customers and ultimately earn more revenue.

If you want to launch a real estate website or redesign your existing site, these companies can help. Check out this list of the top real estate web design companies.

Top 10 Real Estate Web Design Companies in 2018

1. Agent Image

DCR Trust Score: 92%

Agent Image provides real estate web design, IDX solutions, SEO, and real estate marketing solutions. The agency has launched thousands of sites for top producing companies. Whether you’re looking for a simple WordPress website or a custom design for your brokerage office, Agent Image can help. Website designs from Agent Image include hosted WordPress sites, mobile optimized design, fully responsive design, IDX search features, listing display features, property details, lead generation, and SEO friendly features.

2. IDX Central

DCR Trust Score: 71%

IDX Central is a leader in real estate website design built on WordPress plus IDX integration that allows realtors to show property listings on their websites. IDX Central offers a number of custom website plans that allows real estate agents to select an option that works best with their business goals. Website designs from IDX Central include premium plugins, lead generation forms, daily backups, social media, website visitor stats via Google Analytics, IDX integration, and more. IDX Central has served more than 3,000 real estate professionals, and the IDX Central team knows what it takes to build successful real estate websites.

3. Blue Fountain Media

DCR Trust Score: 69%

Located in New York City, Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency focused on creating custom websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing solutions to help clients grow their brands online. Blue Fountain Media provides custom real estate web designs that help realtors take their business to the next level. Custom real estate web design plans from Blue Fountain Media include responsive design, professional imagery, custom search options, prominent contact information, and regional content that provides visitors with useful content about the area surrounding a property listing.

4. Linkurealty

DCR Trust Score: 58%

Located in Riverside, CA, Linkurealty offers custom websites for real estate agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals. Whether you’re a season realtor or just getting started, Linkurealty offers custom designs to help you grow your presence online and reach new buyers. Linkurealty also offers mobile websites and mobile solutions that allow you to provide listings via test message, mobile web, social networking, QR codes, IDX search, and more. With Linkurealty, you can expand your existing marketing efforts, gain more prospects, retain more clients, build your brand online, and provide helpful tools for buyers and sellers.

5. Intagent

DCR Trust Score: 49%

Intagent is a leading real estate website design and technology company located in Ann Arbor, MI. Website designs from Intagent are eye-catching and easy-to-use. And they help realtors attract and manage more clients. In addition, Intagent website designs will help you stand out from the crowd and give you the dynamic tools to build a successful presence online. Feature-rich websites from Intagent give realtors the power to take advantage of online marketing, listing homes online, and customer relationship tools to engage potential and active customers.

6. Real Estate Systems Integrator (RESI)

DCR Trust Score: 41%

Located in Miami Beach, FL, Real Estate Systems Integrator (RESI) provides real estate web design and IDX Solutions. Award-winning website designs from RESI help real estate agents establish their brand online with modern, eye catching features. RESI designs are also responsive to ensure they look great across multiple platforms. Website Design services from RESI include IDX property search system, featured properties inventory system, search engine optimization, blog writing and management, social media management, IDX updates and management, hosting, unlimited customer control pages, and more.

7. 1000 Watt

DCR Trust Score: 41%

With offices in Portland, OR and Oakland, CA, 1000 Watt is a brand and marketing agency for real estate. 1000 Watt focuses on building websites for licensed real estate agents in the United States. Website designs from 1000Watt are fully functional and compatible with the most popular web browsers. 1000 Watt also ensures that web pages are responsive and adapt to mobile screen sizes to display perfectly on Android and iOS devices. This is especially beneficial for real estate websites since a lot of potential buyers browse property listings via smartphones and tablets.

8. Socialfix

DCR Trust Score: 39%

Socialfix is a New York/New Jersey website design, video, and digital marketing agency. From commercial and residential real estate to real estate media publications, Socialfix has worked with notable brands in the New York City Real Estate industry. Website designs from Socialfix are modern, responsive, and optimized to enhance user experience and conversion.

9. IMCD Website Design


DCR Trust Score: 16%

IMCD Website Design is a custom real estate web design company located in Castle Rock, CO. The company specializes in mobile responsive websites for business and real estate. IMCD builds custom websites that incorporate SEO and Internet marketing strategies. And real estate website designs from IMCD incorporate IDX integration of your MLS. The designs are also fully responsive so that they display well no matter the browser or device you use. 

10. Style Agent

DCR Trust Score: 14%

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Style Agent is real estate website design company that provides custom WordPress websites for realtors. Website designs from Style Agent are also responsive and perform well across all mobile devices and web browsers. Style Agent also allows clients to retain full ownership of their websites. And their designs help real estate agents stand out in the crowd and earn more business online.

How do I know what web design company is right for my real estate agency? 

With so many choices, it can be hard to choose a web design agency. But there are a few things to consider before choosing. 


One of the first things you should consider before choosing a web design company is your budget. At the start of your web design agency search, you should set a budget to stick to. Without one, it will be easy to over-spend, and potentially put your real estate agency into financial turmoil. 

Do some research to find what the average price is for a website that you like, and set a realistic budget from there. 

Having a budget will help you cut down a long list of contenders because you’ll easily be able to cross off ones that are over budget. 


Location is something else to consider when you’re choosing a web design company. 

Some like to sit down and have a real conversation with the agency of their choice while working with them, others don’t mind. 

If having in-person meetings is something that you’re interested in, considering location is huge. 


Before deciding on a web design agency, you should always speak either on the phone or in person. This will give you a good idea of how the agency communicates which can be make or break. 

If the agency answers all of your questions, speaks in a way that you understand, and is genuinely interested in your company, they could be a winner! 

If an agency doesn’t ask questions, speaks over you, or doesn’t seem interested, they may not be the right fit.

Real estate web design FAQ

Web design is extremely foreign to some, and that’s okay! If it’s not your specialty, it’s unlikely that you’ll know the ins and outs. That’s what we’re here for. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about web design. 

Q: How long does a website take to design? 

A: Websites have a lot of moving parts — it’s not just what you see when you type a URL into the search bar. There are tons of things going on behind the scenes, too. 

In order to ensure that your website is built properly, there are a few different steps. 

The process will start with brainstorming and wire framing. You’ll then approve what your designer came up with, and it will move to the next stage. 

Your website will then have to go through design, development, testing, and launch. 

All steps considered, a web design from scratch usually takes a few months to complete. A redesign will likely take shorter. 

Q: How much does a website cost? 

A: Though this is a common question, there is no concrete answer. That’s because every web design agency charges different rates, performs different things, etc.

If you want a website with 10,000 pages, it will obviously cost more than a website with just a few pages. A website with bells and whistles will cost more, too. 

That being said, a website can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars, all the way to $100,000 and beyond. 

Web design is an investment, but an investment that can change the direction of your real estate agency. 

What are you waiting for?

Use this list as a launchpad to find your perfect real estate web design partner, give them a call today, and start improving your website.

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