Top Web Development Companies of 2020

Top 5 Web Development Companies of 2020

1. WebSight Design – Sausalito, California


DCR Trust Score: 68%

When it comes to web development, WebSight Design is simply one of the best. With a diverse range of clients in ecommerce, B2B, B2C, and a variety of other industries, WebSight Design has the background and expertise to create outstanding web development applications. In fact, they’re so proud of their products that you can check out a list of their current clients’ work that’s in development, just so you can see what that process looks like.


2. BusinessOnline – San Diego, California


DCR Trust Score: 67%

BusinessOnline focuses on B2B digital marketing, but their web development talents are off the charts. This San Diego web developer applies a huge range of solutions to each of their clients, so they can get the development applications they need with the marketing support that’ll help them succeed. In that respect, BusinessOnline’s integrated approach to web development is a full-service solution at a price that’s hard to beat anywhere else.


3. inSegment – Newton, Massachusetts


DCR Trust Score: 66%

inSegment is based out of Newton, Massachusetts where they supply a huge range of different services to their clients. But their web development products are the most noteworthy, and they’re versatile enough to work with Joomla, WordPress, and other content management systems. Plus, with their emphasis on user experience, they’re the ideal modern web development agency for any company that wants to stay ahead of the marketing curve.


4. Hudson Integrated Web Agency – Saddle Brook, New Jersey


DCR Trust Score: 38%

Hudson Integrated Web Agency is a full-service web developer that produces outstanding results for clients with every project. Located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, Hudson concentrates mostly on clients from nearby New York City. That means their team has to help clients in a hyper-saturated, ultra-competitive business environment — but they go above and beyond each day to make sure their clients always stay at the top.


5. Thrive Internet Marketing – Arlington, Texas


DCR Trust Score: 15%

Thrive Internet Marketing is an agency that consistently lives up to its name. Their web development processes and cutting-edge ideas deliver excellent results for all of their clients, whether those clients have established websites or no website at all. They compliment these skills with a complete suite of inbound marketing strategies so that Thrive can help their clients grow day after day.


Best Web Development Companies

You may think that “web design” and “web development” are the same thing – and you wouldn’t be alone in that line of thinking – but the two terms actually refer to two separate aspects of the website creation process. They are equally important, and the top web development companies typically do design as well, but both should play a role in your design company selection.

So what’s the difference? And why do you need both? First, let’s take a look at what, exactly, each term means.

What is web design?

Web design refers to all the elements that make up your site’s appearance, from layout to color to navigation. It is what most people see when they visit your site and is what determines basically every visual component.

A talented designer can be the difference between a boring site and one that stands out as original and reflective of your brand. They can work with your established branding or create something entirely new for your web presence. Even if you aren’t a creative type, a great designer can help you come up with a unique look for your site.

What is web development?

On the other side of site creation is web developers. They are the people who turn designers’ ideas into reality. They work with the more technical side and can be seen at the analytical counterparts to the creative designers.

Developers also do the programming that determines how the site functions. They make sure that customers can do everything that you want them to (and that they want to do) on your site, and write the code to make it happen.

Their work is what keeps the site running smoothly, and ensures that it is not simply interesting to look at, but also does everything it needs to do. Their behind-the-scenes work with HTML, CSS, and other coding languages may not seem as exciting as the visual elements of your site, but it is what makes those visual elements serve a purpose.

Why the best web development companies do both

Clearly, design and development both serve different purposes in site creation, but both are equally important. A site that is beautiful but not functional won’t do anything for your business, and a site that works but isn’t fun to look at can detract from visitors’ first impressions.

If you want a site that is both easy to use and nice to look at, you’ll need solid design and development. That’s why we factored both into our rankings and didn’t give preference to companies that do one or the other.

Although you may choose to go with a creative agency and a separate development company if you’re looking to completely rebrand your company, it’s usually much easier to choose one that does both. That way, you’ll only have to select (and pay) one company – and it’ll be much easier to have employees at the same agency work with one another on creating a cohesive site than attempting to have two separate entities communicate.

As you look for a company to design your website, keep both design and development in mind. Look for services related to both visual and technical aspects on their sites, and if you decide to contact one, don’t be afraid to ask about the specifics of what they offer!

Figuring out exactly what to expect upfront can save you a lot of time later if you think you’re signing a contract for a full site, only to find out after the design process that the company doesn’t offer all the functionality you’re looking for.

With this in mind, check out our complete web design company rankings! We’ve taken the time to check out each company, and although the majority offer both design and development, we’ve made a note of which ones are strictly creative agencies.