Best Chicago Web Design

Your website is your digital storefront. And if you want to attract customers, increase sales, and earn more revenue online, you need a great website design.

Looking for a web design partner to take your site to the next level? Check out this list of the top web design companies in Chicago.

1. Orbit Media

DCR Trust Score: 95%

Orbit Media is a Chicago web design and development firm that has been creating custom websites since 2001. With years of experience designing responsive, engaging sites, the Orbit Media team designs websites that are both beautiful and conversion-focused. Orbit Media offers marketing website design, ecommerce website design, and web content writing to help clients increase traffic, boost engagement, and convert more visitors online. From Inc 5000 to Graphic Design USA and the International Academy of the Visual Arts, website designs from Orbit Media have won a number of prestigious awards and recognition.

2. One Design Company

DCR Trust Score: 56%

One Design Company is a Chicago web design, development, and brand strategy firm. The One Design team combines strategic messaging and technology to design websites that enhance user-friendliness and help clients reach more customers online. At One Design Company, no challenge is too big or too small. And the team has designed award-winning websites for established brands, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. One Design Company clients span a variety of industries including education, architecture, construction and engineering, beer, wine, and spirits, and hospitality. Top One Design Company clients include NBC, Groupon, AIGA, and The University of Chicago.

3. Bright Bright Great

DCR Trust Score: 55%

Bright Bright Great is a Chicago web design, development, brand strategy, digital marketing, and social media company. UX designs from Bright Bright Great help brands establish a presence online and reach more customers. And Bright Bright Great combines design and technology to help brands create successful products. Through cutting-edge design and technology, Bright Bright Great creates engaging visuals and forward-thinking digital interactions. Top Bright Bright Great clients include Nike, AIGA, McDonald’s, Crayola, Hostess, Orbitz, and more.

4. Clique Studios

DCR Trust Score: 49%

Clique Studios is an award-winning web design and development firm that offers web design, development, UX, and digital marketing services that grow businesses online. Founded by designers, Clique Studios is a design agency at its core. Design services from Clique Studios include web design, mobile and responsive design, UX and UI, identity design, and usability testing. Clique Studios designers work with clients to create interactive websites tailored to their business goals. And all designs include optimized navigation and calls to action that promote conversion.

5. Codal

DCR Trust Score: 47%

Codal is a leading UX design and mobile application development agency that combines an agile and lean innovation process with the latest emerging technologies. User Experience design plans from Codal include user research, interaction design, front end development, user testing, visual design, and more. And Codal’s rigorous UX research process allows designers to develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of clients. Key Codal clients include Pepsi, United Airlines,, Indicard, and Next Door Self Storage.

6. Comrade Web Agency

DCR Trust Score: 45%

Comrade Web is a full-service web design, digital marketing, and SEO agency that specializes in technology-driven inbound marketing solutions that help clients leverage brand positioning to create sustainable growth. The agency creates informational, ecommerce, and multi-functional websites that are both attractive and highly functional. And the Comrade Web Agency team has what it takes to take your website from concept to success. Comrade Web Agency clients include Loyola University Chicago, Olive Garden, Stanley, Yahoo!, and Nelson Westerberg.

7. Chicago Digital

DCR Trust Score: 44%

Chicago Digital creates beautiful web designs for your businesses in a variety of industries. Website designs from Chicago Digital help clients generate more leads, increase referrals, convert more customers, and better serve existing clients and partners. Chicago Digital websites are also responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure that clients get the most out of their online marketing spend. In addition, Chicago Digital clients have access to a dedicated customer experience manager who helps businesses continue to grow online even after their websites are launched.

8. Kohactive

DCR Trust Score: 40%

Kohactive is a Chicago-based web design and development company that provides digital solutions for startups and innovative brands. Website designs from Kohactive are unique, adaptive, and effective. And they help businesses engage customers and convert leads online. Kohactive’s web design expertise includes strategy, user interface, user experience, responsive design, content management, illustrations, and iconography. Website designs from Kohactive are device-independent, meaning they look great and perform well across all browsers and devices.

9. Color Jar

DCR Trust Score: 24%

Color Jar is a digital tech agency that specializes in brand position strategy and designing and developing custom websites and mobile apps. The creative team at Color Jar comprises creators, artists, and designers who use their passion to build impressive websites from the ground up. Working with Color Jar, you can create interactive, informative websites that help your business attract more clients and achieve your goals online. Color Jar clients include Google, Beam Suntory, MillerCoors, CareerBuilder, Kaplan, and more.

10. LaunchPad Lab

DCR Trust Score: 24%

LaunchPad Lab is a Chicago-based web design and development firm that builds professional web applications for startups and established businesses. The LaunchPad Lab team has experience working with the latest web and mobile development technologies, and they love to experiment and learn with new programming languages and frameworks. Working closely with clients, LaunchPad Lab carefully selects the technologies that will help businesses reach their goals, attract more customers, and earn more revenue online.

Stellar website design can help you engage customers online and take your business to new heights. If you want to optimize your presence on the web, you need a trusted web design partner. These Chicago web design companies can help you improve your website and reach your business goals online.

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