Top Lawyer Web Design Companies

Looking to improve your law firm website design? Check out this list of top lawyer web design companies, and start attracting more clients and revenue today.


1. PaperStreet

DCR Trust Score: 91%

Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, PaperStreet specializes in web design, SEO, and Internet marketing for lawyers and law firms. Since 2001, the PaperStreet team has designed more than 1,000 legal websites. Whether you are looking to launch a website for your law firm or redesign your existing site, PaperStreet can help. PaperStreet offers unique, affordable designs tailored to the goals of your law firm. And website designs from PaperStreet help law firms engage and convert more clients, while showcasing their work and educating potential clients online.

2. Scorpion Design

DCR Trust Score: 74%

With offices in Valencia, CA and Dallas, TX, Scorpion Design provides award-winning web design, SEO, PPC, and Internet marketing solutions to clients in a number of different industries. Scorpion Design serves legal clients across the US and even internationally. The Scorpion Design team understand the complexities involved in attorney marketing, and they are proud to work with a range of legal clients from solo practitioners to mega firms. Website designs from Scorpion Design can help your law firm generate more leads online, drive more cases, and improve your practice. Scorpion Design works with various types of law firms including personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and more.

3. The Modern Firm

DCR Trust Score: 59%

The Modern Firm is a website design and marketing firm for lawyers located in Ann Arbor, MI. Lawyer website designs from The Modern Firm include innovative custom design, mobile friendly and responsive design, writing and editing by an attorney, easy publishing and controls, and keyword research and optimization. Whether you’re looking to launch a new website or rescue your existing site, The Modern Firm can help. And after a website is complete, The Modern Firm works with lawyers to help improve their online presence, attract new clients, and generate more work from existing clients.

4. iLawyerMarketing

DCR Trust Score: 56%

Located in San Diego, CA, iLawyerMarketing specializes in creating law firm website designs that help lawyers grow their practice online. The team at iLawyerMarketing begins all law firm web designs with an in-depth analysis of a law firm’s strengths and goals to ensure that the design reaches and converts more clients. In addition, websites from iLawyerMarketing are search engine friendly, and the team ensures that search spiders can easily find the content on your lawyer website. Website designs from iLawyerMarketing can help your law firm increase online conversions and attract more business.

5. JurisPage

DCR Trust Score: 53%

Located in New York City, JurisPage provides responsive law firm website design, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization for lawyers. JurisPage works with lawyers to launch new websites and redesign existing law firm websites. JurisPage can help your law firm determine a market position for your firm, develop a brand, write content that helps you reach your target audience, and build a website that showcases your law firm’s strengths. Websites from JurisPage are responsive and designed with conversion in mind to help your law firm attract more clients and revenue online.

6. Zola Creative

DCR Trust Score: 47%

Located in Port Washington, NY, Zola Creative offers a full suite of services to help your law firm build a powerful presence online. There are over a million attorneys in the United States, and Zola Creative knows what it takes to help your law firm stand out on the web. Custom website design and development packages from Zola Creative are unique, dynamic, and effective. And they include ongoing optimization to help you maximize3 visibility among your target audience. In addition, you’ll receive monthly SEO tips, one on one training, and advice from the team of experts at Zola Creative.

7. Amicus Creative Media

DCR Trust Score: 43%

Amicus Creative Media is an attorney website design and marketing company located in Port Washington NY. Website designs from Amicus Creative Media can help your law firm stand out online and attract more clients. At Amicus Creative Media, there are no templates, no restrictions, and no limits on your firm’s success. The Amicus team doesn’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. Instead, they take the time to get to know your practice, history, types of clients you serve, and plans for future growth to design a website that perfectly reflects your law firm.

8. Great Jakes

DCR Trust Score: 37%

Located in New York City, Great Jakes designs and develops websites for law firms and professional services. Great Jakes has an in-depth knowledge of today’s legal marketplace, which allows them to create websites that are not only beautiful, but also serve as business development tools. Website designs from Great Jakes start by helping law firms refine their messaging to communicate their brand and services to potential clients. In addition, Great Jakes plans and directs photo shoots for many of the websites they create to ensure that your law firm website has the greatest impact.

9. Thrive


DCR Trust Score: 20%

Thrive is based in Arlington, TX, and carries experience in web design for many industries including law firms. With an extensive list of services, they are experts at providing high quality designs in addition to several other essential services to compliment a brand-new website.

10. Law Firm Web Design

DCR Trust Score: 12%

Law Firm Web Design is a website design agency for law firms and attorneys. Located in Denver, CO, Law Firm Web Design helps law firms envision, build, and launch custom websites to help them reach more clients online. Law Firm Web Design has extensive experience in web design and development that allows law firms to rise to the top and become authorities in their market. The team at Law Firm Web Design is dedicated to creating compelling websites that deliver results for law firms.

How do I know which web design agency is best for my law firm?

With so many great web design agencies, it can be overwhelming to choose one that’s best for your law firm.

However, there are a few things to think about that can help make the decision easier. 

  1. Location

    Location is one of the most important things to consider when deciding on a web design agency. Some firms are just fine with speaking over the phone or over Skype, but some like to meet in person with their designer. Either way is totally fine, and can work the same way, but if you prefer meeting in-person, location is going to be something that you definitely want to consider.
  2. Budget
    Another thing to consider when choosing a web design agency is the price point that you want to stay at. You should always set a budget, and be careful not to exceed it. If you do, you could find your firm in financial trouble. There is a web design agency out there for every price point, so don’t max out your budget to find one!
  3. Personality

    Last but not least, you want  to make sure you speak with the agency you like over the phone before signing any contracts. Speaking on the phone can help you pick up on the agency’s personality, and help you decide whether you fit well as partners. You’ll be able to see how they communicate, and how interested they are in your goals.

What does a web designer do? 

If you’re just starting to do research concerning web design, you may wonder what a web designer does, and what you can expect when you’re working with one. 

In general, a web designer ensures that your website runs smoothly and that it looks great too. They’ll consider what color combinations work the best together, put together an organized navigation, and include graphics and multimedia to ensure that visitors stay on your website. 

Not only will they create a great color scheme and organization, but they’ll create page layouts that work best with your content.

In addition, developers will make sure that everything on the back end of your website works properly so that you don’t have any technical issues with your website.

When you work with a web designer, you can expect that they will want to know your ideas and goals, but they will also infuse your ideas with their expertise. 

You’ll first share your ideas with your designer, and they’ll get back to you with a wireframe. After you give the green light on the wireframes, they’ll start to design your website. You’ll be a part of the entire process, and be able to change anything that you don’t like. 

After the design is finished, a developer will help to launch your site, and make sure that all the behind-the-scenes kinks are worked out. 

When the site is finished, you’ll have a virtual hub for your law firm!

It’s time for a great law firm website!

We hope our list helps you find the law firm web design agency that fits your needs! They’re all top rated, and are guaranteed to help you make your website dreams a reality. 

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