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If you want to optimize your dental website to reach more patients, these companies can help. Check out this list of the top 10 dental web design companies.

1. Optimized360

DCR Trust Score: 65%

Optimized360 creates websites and marketing plans for dentists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. The Optimized360 team has over 10 years of experience providing online marketing and web design solutions to healthcare professionals. And they have delivered millions of ad impressions and thousands of patients to clients’ practices. Optimized360 creates custom website designs exclusive to your area of expertise. Website design services from Optimized360 also include detailed visitor reporting, full dental video integration, compatibility with dental software, and social networks.

2. WebFX

DCR Trust Score: 65%

Located in Harrisburg, PA, WebFX is an award-winning Internet marketing company that designs custom websites for clients in a number of industries. Their design team is competely in-house, and they’ve created over 1,128 websites to date. WebFX offers a number of web design plans tailored to your practice and overall business goals.

3. ProSites

DCR Trust Score: 64%

Located in California, ProSites creates custom dental websites. The ProSites graphic design team has over 13 years of experience creating dental website designs that convert visitors to patients. In order to keep your dental site current, website design plans from ProSites includes new design styles, continuously updated content, dynamic features such as video, and ongoing back-end website coding updates.

4. Blue Fountain Media

DCR Trust Score: 62%

With offices in New York City, Chicago, and Seattle, Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency that creates custom websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing plans to grow brands online. Blue Fountain Media works with clients in a number of industries, and build websites, apps, and mobile experiences that build trust and credibility in the medical industry. And Blue Fountain Media works with dental clients to create websites that provide patients and partners with educational information and creates trust in your staff, services, and facilities.

5. Protective Business Health Systems (PBHS)

DCR Trust Score: 59%

Protective Business and Health Systems (PBHS) produces interactive, SEO dental websites, dental marketing, and logo design. PBHS has offices in California and New York. And the company helps dental practices create websites that achieve high rankings in search engine results, educate patients, and advertise procedures, and encourage people to take the next step in getting to know your practice. Website design packages from PBHS cover the full scope of your practice and include features such as SEO reporting, responsive web design, and branded social media pages.

6. Rosemont Media

DCR Trust Score: 49%

Located in San Diego, CA, Rosemont Media creates websites and marketing strategies for dental practices. No matter if you work in the field of cosmetic or restorative dentistry, general and family dentistry, or orthodontics, Rosemont Media can help your practice design a cutting-edge website that gives prospective patients an overview of your practice and a detailed understanding of the services you provide. The Rosemont Media team has over a decade over experience designing dental websites that capture the essence of your practice and set you apart from competitors online.

7. Great Dental Websites

DCR Trust Score: 47%

Great Dental Websites offers custom website design and dental marketing. Located in Denver, Colorado, the team at Great Dental Websites creates websites that reflect your practice’s vision, preferences, and location. If you want a website that is attractive, functional, and patient-friendly, Great Dental Websites can help. During the website design process, Great Dental Websites will ask for input so that your practice has the option to change or alter the appearance of your website. And Great Dental Websites will work with your practice to create custom branding and logo design that reflect your office.

8. Smile Marketing

DCR Trust Score: 43%

Smile Marketing is a dental website design company that offers integrated dental marketing solutions, including SEO, PPC, and reputation management. Headquartered in the UK, the Smile Marketing team works with clients to create innovative designs that reflect clients’ practices, engage current patients, and convert more website visitors into new patients.

9. Roadside Dental Marketing

DCR Trust Score: 37%

Located in Marysville, WA, Roadside Dental Marketing provides effective, custom dental website solutions and marketing plans. Roadside provides three levels of customization so that dental practices can choose the option that’s right for them and their business goals.

10. Doctor Web Solution

DCR Trust Score: 9%

Doctor Web Solution is a web design and Internet marketing agency for dentists and medical professionals located in Hinsdale, IL. The Doctor Web Solution team creates websites that are sleek and responsive with power layouts to command attention and begin the conversion process. Doctor Web Solution works with clients to create designs that communicate that quality of their practice, emphasize skills and target services, and facilitates a connection between patients and your practice. Websites design packages from Doctor Web Solution include layout design, branding, tailored calls to action, and comprehensive navigation.

The companies on this list can help you launch a new dental website or refresh your existing site to reach more patients and increase awareness of your practice. Pick up the phone, and give them a call today!

How do I know what web design agency is best for my dental practice?

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on a web design agency for your dental practice. All of the agencies on our list are the best-of-the-best, so you’re guaranteed to have a great experience with any of the above. 

However, there are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line. 


1. Location

If you’d like to consistently talk in-person with your web designer, location is something important to consider. If the web design agency that you like is across the country, you won’t be able to get coffee on a regular basis. 

Though it isn’t required to meet in person with your web designer, some people prefer it. If you’re one of those people, be sure to consider location. 

2. Budget

Before you start your web design agency search, you should set a firm budget. This is the budget that you can’t surpass — and you should stick to it. 

There are plenty of web design agencies out there that can fit any budget, and you shouldn’t put your dental practice in financial trouble by choosing a web designer that doesn’t fit your budget. 

3. Personality

Last but not least, you should always consider the personality of the agency you’re looking to work with. 

You should be sure to talk with them on the phone before signing any contracts, because it can be a good indicator of how they value you as a client, and how you get along. You should pay attention to the questions that they ask and be sure that they put your goals first.

Web Design FAQ

Read on to have some of your most frequently asked questions answered!

Q: How much does a website cost? 

A: This is a common question, but a difficult one to answer. There is no way to give a specific figure because every agency charges something different. Not to mention, every dental practice needs a different website. 

However, we can say that a website’s cost is based on the number of pages you have designed, how many special features you request, the number of graphics, etc. 

In general, a fully designed website will cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars,  all the way up to $75,000

It all depends on the agency and your specific needs. 

Q: How long does a website take to create?

A: This figure also varies, because a large design company will have more hands available to complete your project, while smaller firms will have fewer people. 

Web design is an extensive process that involves wireframing, editing, developing, and launch. It is by no means a fast project! However, the results are always worth the wait. 

In general, if you’re having a website built from the ground up, it can take a few months to complete. If you’re having a redesign, it can take a few weeks to a few months. 

It’s time for a great dental practice web design! 

If reading all about web design has you interested in a website for your dental practice, the time is now! Contact one of our recommended web design agencies today!


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