Best NYC Web Design Companies

Looking for a web design partner to take your NYC business website to the next level? Check out this list of the top web design companies in New York City.

1. Blue Fountain Media

DCR Trust Score: 88%

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency focused on creating custom websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing services. Top Blue Fountain Media clients include AT&T, P&G, NASA, NFL, Canon, Elizabeth Arden, and Toys R Us. Custom designed websites from Blue Fountain media are created with strategic insights to help clients increase brand engagement, earn more conversions, and enjoy measurable results. Blue Fountain Media works with both B2B and B2C companies to design and engineer responsive websites.

2. Big Spaceship

DCR Trust Score: 66%

Big Spaceship is a digital agency that combines product design, brand communications, social connections, and content to help clients thrive. Visual designers and UX specialists at Big Spaceship work together to create unique, useful solutions. And website design services from Big Spaceship include visual design, branding and identity design, usability testing, research, content strategy, motion graphics, video, interaction, and service design, information architecture, persona development, style guides, and more. Big Spaceship works with YouTube, Purina, Samsung, Google play, and other top brands.

3. Lounge Lizard

DCR Trust Score: 63%

Lounge Lizard is a top-rated NYC website design, digital marketing, and mobile app development company. Creative web design services from Lounge Lizard help brands and businesses enhance their online presence, reach more customers, and earn more revenue. Web design plans from Lounge Lizard also incorporate brand communication and differentiation to help clients position themselves as industry leaders. And the company works with a range of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies both domestically and around the world.

4. Big Drop Inc.

DCR Trust Score: 62%

Big Drop Inc. is a NYC digital agency that specializes in website design, custom development, and mobile apps. Using creativity and technology, Big Drop Inc. creates digital experiences for brands. And the company provides a range of design services provided with a personal experience. Web design services from Big Drop Inc. include interactive interfaces, cross-compatible platforms, and some of the most cutting-edge technologies on the web. The team of designers, developers, coders, writers, artists, and marketers at Big Drop Inc. know how to turn clients’ visions into amazing websites.

5. WebFX

DCR Trust Score: 57%

WebFX is an award-winning web design agency with a location in the heart of New York City. The company creates impressive web designs in-house to help clients attract and convert more customers and has over 500 client testimonials. WebFX creates stunning, responsive designs that are created with conversion in mind. With website design services from WebFX, you can increase the time visitors spend on your site, earn higher rankings in search engine results, attract more customers, and earn more revenue online.

On average, WebFX provides a 23% increase in traffic for clients with their services.

Top WebFX clients include Cleveland Brothers, Dover Downs, Lutron, VF Outlet, Ocean City New Jersey, and more.

6. Dotcomweavers

DCR Trust Score: 52%

Dotcomweavers is a web design and development company that provides custom website solutions for ecommerce businesses. The team at Dotcomweavers works with clients to design comprehensive websites from cart to conversion. And ecommerce website design plans from Dotcomweavers include efficient product catalogs, shopping with smart carts, improved business management, secure checkout, and more. Dotcomweavers also provides responsive design services to ensure that your site is easily accessible and easy to navigate across a number of devices and browsers.

7. Ruckus Marketing

DCR Trust Score: 43%

Ruckus Marketing is a top NYC advertising and digital agency. The Ruckus Marketing team designs functional interfaces for aesthetically pleasing digital experiences that boost brand engagement and performance online. With the help of data-driven research, Ruckus Marketing provides intuitive UX/UI design services that maximize visitor interaction and help clients engage more customers online. Web design platforms from Ruckus Marketing include mobile/web apps, ecommerce, UX/UI design, and corporate presence. A growth partner, Ruckus focuses on new customers, new revenue, efficient conversion, and scalability to create top-performing websites.

8. E9digital

DCR Trust Score: 29%

E9digital is a seasoned digital agency in NYC. The e9digital team works with clients in a number of industries, and provide website design for small businesses, corporate website design, ecommerce website design, and non-profit website design. E9digital consists of strategists, designers, programmers, writers, and project managers. And E9digital works with clients to create websites that make great first impressions, attract more clients, and earn more revenue online. E9digital is located in legendary Hell’s Kitchen, halfway between Times Square and Chelsea, NYC.

9. NYC Web Design

DCR Trust Score: 19%

NYC Web Design is a full-service digital agency that focuses on website design, mobile app development, ecommerce, custom software, web hosting, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Top NYC Web Design clients include Pearson Education, BMW,, Porsche, Reuters, Wildlife Alliance, Apple, and more. The NYC Web Design team takes care to perfect the smallest details of coding, design, and usability to create websites that help clients achieve their goals online.

10. Spida Design

DCR Trust Score: 16%

Spida Design is a leading NYC web design company that specializes in WordPress and Magento development for large and small businesses. The Spida team consists of designers, developers, writers, artists, and coders who use their experience and expertise to develop custom websites from scratch. Spida offers WordPress design and development, ecommerce web design, mobile app development, SEO and Internet marketing, and logo design. And Spida works closely with clients to design websites, mobile apps, and Internet marketing campaigns that help them meet their goals and attract more customers online.

How to find the best web design agency in NYC

If you’re working with a website design company for the first time, it can feel like an overwhelming process to find, vet, and choose the best NYC web design agency for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled a walkthrough to help you find the top firm for your company!

Define your company’s requirements

Before you start browsing web design agencies in NYC, your business needs to outline your requirements. Whether you want to design a brand-new site or redesign your current one, your team needs to sit down and discuss several key aspects of the project.

For example, think about the following questions:

  • When do you want to launch your new or redesigned site?
  • Who is going to be the point-of-contact for the NYC web design agency?
  • Do you need an agency that works with specific platforms, like Drupal or Magento?
  • Is your team supplying the media and copy for the site or is the agency?

These questions can serve as a starting point for your company. They can get you started on conversations that lead to other questions that your team will need to answer before talking with web design agencies in NYC.

Set your web design or redesign budget

A critical question your company must answer relates to your web design or redesign budget. How much does your business want to spend on your website? And what can you feasibly spend on launching or updating your site?

This step requires your team to collaborate and coordinate with company decision-makers. It’s up to you and your staff to convey the benefits and necessity of a top-notch website for your business. You need to show that a leading NYC web design firm can help your company succeed.

For example, professional website design can make it possible for your business to improve its:

  • Site usability, which can lead to more purchases from shoppers
  • Technical SEO, which can increase your ranking in valuable and relevant searches
  • Brand, which can send essential trust signals to potential clients
  • Competitiveness, which can make your business stand out from top competitors

Work with your dedicated team to research the costs of professional web design. Then, compile a list of facts and case studies to present to company decision-makers along with your budget. With this approach, your team can probably receive a realistic and workable budget.

Browse portfolios of the top web design companies in NYC

Now that you have your budget and requirements outlined, your company can start exploring the best design agencies in NYC. You can start, for example, by browsing the NYC web design firms on our extensively researched list.

Depending on your checklist, not all these website design agencies will meet your requirements, and that’s okay. Focus on the companies that align with your standards and start reviewing their portfolio to learn more about their style, creativity, and quality.

When you browse agency portfolios, look for examples in your industry.

If you’re an ecommerce business, for instance, you want to see ecommerce websites. With industry-specific examples, your team can see if the agency has experience in your industry and how well they execute sites in that sector.

In some cases, your team may not find any industry-specific examples in a web design firm’s portfolio. If that happens and your company likes the agency a lot, consider contacting the agency and asking if they have any examples they can share.

Read the latest client reviews

Reviews, as well as testimonials, can help your business narrow your list of NYC website design companies. Client feedback highlights the advantages and disadvantages of agencies. In some instances, those drawbacks may serve as a deal-breaker for your team.

For example, if past clients frequently comment about design delays and you’re on a strict schedule, then it makes sense to remove that web design firm from your list of contenders. In comparison, comments about fast communication may increase your interest in a specific agency.

As you browse reviews and testimonials, make sure you visit multiple sites. You want to read testimonials on the agency’s site, for example, and skim through reviews on social media and other websites, like Google.

Request custom quotes from the top agencies

Now that you’ve done some extensive research on website design companies in NYC, you can move forward with your favorites. Contact the top NYC web design firms on your list and request a quote for your design or redesign project.

For an accurate quote, it’s helpful for your team to provide as much information as possible. This is where your previous work comes into use, as you can supply each agency with a description of what you’re looking for or need.

If you’re requesting quotes from some of the best design agencies in NYC, expect them to confirm your request and follow-up. In some cases, the agency may offer to come and present a proposal to your team in-person.

An in-person meeting is optional, but it can often help your team narrow your choices and determine the best NYC design agency for your business. If you can’t meet in-person at your office, see if you can come to the agency’s location.

While every agency varies, most include the following details in your quote:

  • Expected project duration
  • Expected project costs
  • Project deliverables

If you want any specific information included with your quote, mention it in your quote request.

Choose the best NYC web design company for your business

With your research done and your quotes received, your team can make your decision. This step isn’t always easy, especially when you’re comparing some of the best design agencies in NYC. In some cases, you may even need to get approval from company decision-makers.

Once you select your website design company, however, you can start moving towards designing or redesigning your project. It’s an exciting time for your business and moves you one step closer to accomplishing your goals for growing revenue and sales.

5 must-have features in a top NYC web design firm

As you compare NYC web design firms, think about the following must-have features:

1.      Industry-leading experience

When you decide to focus on only the best web design companies in NYC, you gain immediate access to some of the industry’s leading agencies. They often have years of experience, which can translate to top service and stunning websites.

2.      Top designers and developers

The top NYC web design agencies can also hire some of the industry’s best designers and developers. This feature is critical, as these designers and developers are behind your site’s design or redesign. They play a pivotal role in your site’s success, which is why you want the best talent.

3.      Reliable communication

Designing a website requires easy and reliable communication. You don’t want messages to go unanswered or requests to become lost in translation. When you browse reviews and testimonials, look for comments on communication to ensure you choose the best NYC web design company.

4.      Client-focused service

A top NYC web design firm places immense value on the satisfaction of their clients. They work with you to ensure your business loves your site. Plus, they listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and more to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind client experience.

5.      Upfront prices

While the cost of a website design or redesign can evolve, you want an NYC web design agency that keeps their prices transparent. If they see your site will require additional work, they notify you about the potential price difference and receive your permission before proceeding.

How much do the best design agencies in NYC charge?

Like your business, every website redesign or design is different. That’s why it’s difficult to provide an average for working with the best design agencies in NYC. Some companies spend upwards of $100,000 on their site, while others spend $10,000. It’s all relative to your agency, site, and requirements.

Why choose one of the best NYC web design agencies?

While you may recognize the benefits of working with one of the best NYC web design agencies, decision-makers at your company may not. That’s why it’s important to outline the advantages of partnering with one of these agencies.

A few of the most notable benefits of top web design firms in NYC include:

Impressive website

In the online world, your website serves as your company’s home-base. It’s a direct representation of your brand and provides users with everything they need to know about your business, products or services, and unique advantages.

If you have a slow and frustrating site, however, you leave users with a negative impression of your company. They won’t browse your products because your site loads too slowly or contact your company because your site looks outdated and professional.

A professional, leading NYC web design company can change that perspective. They can design a website that’s not only modern and up-to-date but also easy-to-use. These visual and functional changes convey trust and quality to users, which can make all the difference.

Better yet, a well-designed website can help your business compete with top competitors. You can launch a site that matches (and maybe even exceeds) the quality and functionality of competitor websites.

In comparison, if you hire the cheapest web design agency in NYC, you risk a lot. You launch a subpar site that, while better than your previous website, doesn’t deliver on user expectations fully. That’s why many companies that go cheap on web design often redesign their site within a few months.

Quality service

Your time is valuable. If you partner with one of the best design agencies in NYC, you can trust they’ll value your time and make the most of it. You won’t experience the frustration of leaving unanswered voicemails or sending ignored emails.

A top NYC website design company respects you, your team, and your company.

They provide an experience that makes you feel valued, as well as trusting of that agency. You can count on their designers and developers to read through and respond to your feedback, as well as provide helpful advice when you’re looking for guidance or answers to questions.

This level of quality service isn’t something you’ll find with low-quality agencies. That can lead to a lot of headaches for your team. For many businesses, the cost-savings of lower-quality web design companies aren’t worth the hassle.

Transparent prices

When you collaborate with one of the top NYC web design companies, expect to receive transparent and upfront prices. With this level of transparency, your business knows exactly what you’re paying to design or redesign your site.

Plus, you’re kept in the loop about potential price changes, like due to expedited turnaround time.

In comparison, poor-quality agencies may deliver two different prices. A low quote and then a high price once you sign with them. Or, they may add hidden or unexpected fees to your bill without notifying your team.

This situation leaves your agency with a web design company that you can’t trust. That’s why many businesses rule out these companies, instead of focusing their money and efforts on finding a trusted and well-rated web design firm in NYC.

While the best NYC web design agencies come with a higher cost, they also provide a better experience than other website design companies. Get the most from your budget, as well as your time, by choosing a top web design firm in NYC.

Find the best NYC website design company for your business today!

Great web design can help your business attract more customers, increase sales, and earn more revenue online. And a trusted web design partner can take your website to new heights. Hopefully, this list of the recommended web design firms in NYC gives you some insight into the best NYC web design companies as you begin your search for an agency to work with your business.

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