Top BigCommerce Web Design Companies 2020

BigCommerce is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that helps businesses sell more products and expand their reach online. This is a list of the top ten Bigcommerce web design companies. If you’re looking to optimize your BigCommerce website with the latest website trends and technologies, check out this list of the top BigCommerce Web Design Companies.

1. Coalition Technologies

DCR Trust Score: 90%

Located in Los Angeles, Coalition Technologies provides design, development, and online marketing services for BigCommerce. Coalition Technologies has years of experience working with BigCommerce, and they have witnessed it grow from a startup to one of the world’s leading CMS platforms. A certified BigCommerce partner, Coalition Technologies uses HTML and CSS to edit store files and create custom solutions for clients. The agency has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, PCWorld, ABCNews, Fast Company, and ComputerWorld.

2. 1 Digital Agency

DCR Trust Score: 80%

Headquartered in Philadelphia, 1 Digital Agency is a full-service ecommerce digital agency. 1 Digital Agency provides a full suite of design, development, migration, integration, and digital marketing services to take your BigCommerce website to the next level. Ecommerce experts, the 1 Digital Agency team creates custom BigCommerce websites to help clients attract and convert more customers online. 1 Digital Agency works with clients in a number of industries. Clients include Yoga Direct, Atlantic Vapor, DiBruno Bros., and Wing Tactical.  1 Digital Agency has the expertise to take your BigCommerce site from conception to final product, and the team can provide ongoing support to ensure that your ecommerce site scales right alongside your business.

3. Expert Village Media

DCR Trust Score: 67%

Expert Village Media is an ecommerce web design and development company with offices in NYC and India. At Expert Village Media, the team of BigCommerce experts creates well-designed, fully functional ecommerce websites for clients in a number of sectors. And Expert Village Media is an authorized BigCommerce designer and developer. BigCommerce design services from Expert Village Media include custom ecommerce theme design and setup, wholesale solutions, responsive design, and search engine optimization. Expert Village Media also assigns a project manager for each client no matter the size of the job.

4. 5874 Design

DCR Trust Score: 58%

Located in Birmingham, UK, 5874 Design has extensive experience building and supporting BigCommerce sites. 5874 Design is one of the UK’s leading BigCommerce platforms, and the team completed a rigorous certification process to become a BigCommerce partner. The company can help BigCommerce clients move existing stores, sell on mobile devices, and offer customers more options. 5874 Design offers BigCommerce store setup, custom theme design, and ongoing support. And the company works with clients in a number of industries including fashion, travel, lifestyle, and automotive.

5. Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd.

DCR Trust Score: 58%

Headquartered in India, Dev Technosys is a certified web and mobile application development company. Dev Technosys provides BigCommerce services for clients in a number of industries including home décor, cosmetics, fashion, arts and crafts, sports, automobiles, and technology. The company’s BigCommerce services include custom website development, SEO website content, enterprise solutions, and support and maintenance. Dev Technosys uses HTML and CSS to fully customize online stores and help clients take advantage of BigCommerce features. In addition, they can manage live product data and shopper personalization while attracting more customers with SEO product descriptions.

6. Web Design Works

DCR Trust Score: 56%

Web Design Works is a web design company with offices in New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and Paris. The company works with clients in industries such as fashion, electronics, health, gifts, jewelry, sports, and home wares to create custom BigCommerce solutions. Whether you want to incorporate advanced image displays, custom slideshows, image galleries, or custom ecommerce solutions, Web Design Works can help. Web Design Works clients include State Trustees, Inn at Laguna Beach, Stanmar, Wavestone Capital, and InterContinental Sydney.

7. ArtDriver – Washington, DC

DCR Trust Score: 29%

ArtDriver is a web design firm that’s become so well-known that they’re able to make it in the hyper-competitive city of Washington, DC. That’s partly because they offer services for every aspect of Internet marketing, but also because of their expertise with ecommerce websites. For top-notch web design results and the marketing infrastructure to make it succeed, ArtDriver is the ideal partner for any ecommerce company.

8. Loud Interactive

DCR Trust Score: 27%

Loud Interactive is a Chicago-based SEO consulting firm that empowers businesses by using the latest Internet marketing solutions. The agency offers a number of services designed to take your BigCommerce website to the next level. They include search engine optimization, social media marketing, website development, content marketing, and reputation management. With more than 50 years of online marketing experience, Loud Interactive helps clients earn more viewers, customers, fans, and advocates. And BigCommerce services from Loud Interactive help clients scale their websites as they grow their online businesses.

9. Aegius

DCR Trust Score: 25%

Located in Colorado, Aegius is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency. Aegius is a certified BigCommerce partner that powers ecommerce marketing ecommerce websites, shopping advertising, product listing solutions, technical strategies, and brand development. The company works to align long-term strategic growth and conversion-focused returns. And the company knows how to help BigCommerce websites achieve top rankings in search engine results. Aegius works with businesses across the United States and powers local, regional, and national businesses in a variety of industries.

10. Alamo Pixel

DCR Trust Score: 19%

Lead by a former BigCommerce Support Engineer, Alamo Pixel provides digital solutions for smart businesses. The agency, headquartered in San Antonia, TX, specializes in complex theme modifications, and expert design to increase ROI. Alamo Pixel has worked with BigCommerce since 2013, and they have the experience to offer enterprise solutions at affordable rates. The agency provides theme branding, custom theme development, and third-party integrations to develop custom BigCommerce sites that attract more customers and earn more revenue for clients. And Alamo Pixel works with clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Web design services can take your BigCommerce website to the next level to help you reach even more customers, increase sales, and earn more revenue online. If you want to reach your goals online, you need a web design company partner you can trust. Feel free to use this list as a guide for choosing the agency that’s right for you!


Which top BigCommerce web design company is right for you? 

If you’re on the fence when it comes to choosing the right BigCommerce web design company for you, check out our tips below to help you choose.

Do your research

You should never hire a BigCommerce web design agency without doing your research first. If you come across an agency that you love, add them to your shortlist, but be sure to check out a few other agencies too.

You’ll want to compare things like:

  • other service offerings
  • prices
  • previous experience
  • industries they’ve served

Jotting down notes about each agency that you research can help you come to the best decision for your company.

Determine if you need other services

If you’re looking for the best of the best in BigCommerce web design, you might be interested in other services, too. 

For example, you might also want to opt for search engine optimization (SEO) services, or pay-per-click (PPC) ads. 

If you’re looking to add on services, you’ll want to find a BigCommerce web design agency that does it all. This will ensure that all of your marketing campaigns are cohesive and that they seamlessly create a successful strategy.

Look at what other clients say

Before selecting a BigCommerce web design agency, you’ll want to see what other clients have to say about them. 

You’ll want to look for an agency that has more than 100 client testimonials and tons of positive reviews.

You can take reviews and testimonials to heart since the people who wrote them have already worked with the agency. However, be sure not to let one or two negative reviews deter you from an agency.


We hope you find your perfect BigCommerce web design agency 2020!

We hope that our list of our top 10 BigCommerce web design agencies of 2020 gave you some insight into the best of the best! 

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