Top Ecommerce Web Design Companies in 2020


Top 5 Ecommerce Web Design Companies

1. Boostability – Lehi, Utah


DCR Trust Score: 93%

Boostability is one of the largest web design firms in the United States, and they provide outstanding results for ecommerce companies. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Boostability has specialists in every branch of online promotion on top of web design, including SEO, PPC, and more. When you work with Boostability, you get everything from unique web design to the marketing that supports it so you can grow your business.


2. GLIDE – Austin, Texas


DCR Trust Score: 52%

Compared to other web design firms in Austin, Texas, GLIDE is a small operation. But what they lack in size they make up in talent. This elite team of web designers works especially well with ecommerce companies, and their ability to think outside-the-box while still supplying solutions to meet client goals is an asset you can’t find in many other places.


3. Webtek – Ephrata, Pennsylvania


DCR Trust Score: 50%

Webtek is a small-town web design agency headquartered in Ephrata, Pennsylvania that turns out some big-city results. With affordable pricing, a talented team, and a strong grasp of Internet marketing, this little agency is an excellent selection for ecommerce companies taking their first steps into web design. Webtek’s talented team promises cutting-edge design with all the support you need to surpass your competitors in search results.


4. ArtDriver – Washington, DC


DCR Trust Score: 29%

ArtDriver is a web design firm that’s become so well-known that they’re able to make it in the hyper-competitive city of Washington, DC. That’s partly because they offer services for every aspect of Internet marketing, but also because of their expertise with ecommerce websites. For top-notch web design results and the marketing infrastructure to make it succeed, ArtDriver is the ideal partner for any ecommerce company.


5. eStore Seller – Wyandanch, New York


DCR Trust Score: 18%

eStore Seller, headquartered in Wyandanch, New York, is one of the fastest-growing web design brands for ecommerce companies. Their team specializes specifically in ecommerce web design — which is how the company got its name — and they’re capable of delivering high-end results for a fraction of the cost you’ll find at other agencies. While they’re still building their brand in a highly-competitive industry, eStore Seller is a solid choice for any ecommerce company, especially if it’s just started.


Best Ecommerce Web Design Companies of 2020

If your company sells products online (or wants to start), you need to find a company that is skilled in ecommerce web design. No matter what you sell, the way your site is designed can have a huge impact on whether site visitors decide to make a purchase – and whether they are able to do so successfully. It can also help show off your products in an appealing way, like the H&M site shown above.

A well-designed site can boost your sales, and when combined with SEO and content marketing, can essentially make sales for you. This is a huge advantage over entire advertising campaigns just to get potential customers to come to your store, with no promise that they actually make a purchase.

Why web design matters for ecommerce

So why does web design matter? Shouldn’t the quality of your products be enough to make customers want to buy them? If only it were that simple.

When a potential customer finds your site, whether through organic search, social media, or a recommendation from a friend, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for and buy it. Much like you’d organize products in a physical store, the products on your ecommerce site should be categorized in a way that makes sense.

Unlike a physical store, however, it takes knowledge of web design and development to do so. Without a strategically planned and executed design, even the most excited customers will never be able to locate what they need.

Certain aspects of the design can also affect your site’s ability to be found organically online by people who use search engines to find products to buy. For example, poor design can lead to slow site speed, which will hurt your chances of ranking well in Google and other search engines. That means that even though your products might be exactly what someone is looking for, they won’t find them – just because your site was poorly designed.

It’s pretty clear that web design is important if you want to see success with your ecommerce store. So what should you be aware of when choosing a design company and preparing to launch your site?

The challenges of ecommerce web design

When looking at a site with thousands of different products, various payment methods, and secure transactions from customers all over the world, it becomes obvious that there’s a lot at stake with ecommerce web design.

First, let’s discuss the issues that arise with organizing products. If your company only sells a handful of different products, you probably don’t have to worry about this. But if you’re a large-scale retailer with hundreds – or even thousands – of products and have to update your catalog on a regular basis, this can be tricky. How will you organize your products? Who will add new ones as they are available? Be sure to discuss this with any company you are considering working with on an ecommerce site.

Next, think about the transactions that will take place on your site. Any time money is involved, you’ll need to be extra careful with the security features in place. You don’t want your customers to have any doubts about the reliability of your site, and you definitely don’t want them to have their payment information compromised. If you work with a designer that has experience in ecommerce, this won’t be an issue.

Why your design should be responsive

In addition to the concerns we’ve already looked at, your ecommerce site should also be responsive. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it basically just means creating a site that adapts to all devices, like tablets and smartphones.

When you think about the number of users who browse the Internet from devices other than desktop computers, it should become obvious why this is so important. Responsive design allows your customers to make purchases no matter where they are, which is a huge benefit both to you and to them.

Additionally, as of April 21, mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in Google. Sites with responsive design have a better chance of ranking well, which can translate to increased traffic for your ecommerce store.

Now that you know what to look for, check out our web design company rankings! We’re confident that you’ll be able to find at least one company that is perfect for your ecommerce web design needs.