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Established in 2007 by Tom and Vineeta Greenwood, Wholegrain Digital is London’s premier WordPress agency.

The Wholegrain team believes in doing one thing well, so they work exclusively with the world’s top CMS platform, WordPress. Wholegrain Digital was founded on the principles of good design and good businesses.

Over 70 million websites worldwide use WordPress, and top Wholegrain Digital clients include Unicef, Lenovo, Rightmove, ecover, and M&S. The WholeGrain team consists of talent from 8 countries to help clients get the most out of WordPress.


Wholegrain Digital’s WordPress designers and developers tailor solutions to meet the needs of clients using tools like WordPress MultiSite and WordPress MultiLanguage.

Whether you need a single website or network of sites for your International offices, products, or franchise, Wholegrain Digital will work with you to design and develop custom WordPress options for your business.

In addition to theme and plugin development, Wholegrain Digital provides code and security reviews and maintenance to ensure that your website is always secure and performing at its best.

WordPress web design

WholeGrain Digital works to produce unique designs for businesses in a number of different industries. And all of Wholegrain’s designs are original.

In addition, clients can learn how to manage their sites independently with the support of the Wholegrain digital team.

WordPress web development

The Wholegrain Digital team of web developers with clients to build websites from the ground up. Not only are Wholegrain Digital websites beautifully designed, but they are also functional and easy to use.

While some agencies use the same themes with limited changes, Wholegrain Digital creates custom sites tailored to the needs of clients.


Wholegrain Digital can also save you the hassle of selecting a quality hosting provider by dealing with all of your hosting problems.

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For more information, and to connect with Wholegrain Digital, check out these helpful links.

Wholegrain Digital also hosts a podcast dedicated to how businesses can achieve positive change in the world. And the team talks with entrepreneurs, executives, and employees to discuss the art of wholesome business. Check it out to learn more!

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