Top Ecommerce Development Companies 2020

As an ecommerce company, you understand the necessity of a powerful, intuitive, and well-designed website. That’s why you’re looking to partner with one of the top ecommerce development companies. Which is the best ecommerce developer for your business, though?

Find the right ecommerce website development company for your business by browsing our rankings!


1. Blue Fountain Media

DCR Trust Score: 94%

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency located in New York City. The firm provides custom ecommerce development services to help clients grow their businesses online. Ecommerce solutions from Blue Fountain Media focus on providing users with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action. In addition, the team creates intuitively designed user interfaces and helps streamline the checkout process to attract more customers and earn more revenue online. Blue Fountain Media works with some of the biggest names in the business including P&G, NASA, AT&T, and IBM.


2. Big Drop Inc.

DCR Trust Score: 67%

Big Drop Inc. is a digital agency that specializes in website design, custom development, and mobile apps. Located in New York City, Big Drop Inc. uses open source technology to create affordable ecommerce solutions. The agency creates professional websites for organizations, corporations, and small businesses in New York City. Working primarily with Magento, the agency creates custom ecommerce websites for local merchants, vendors, and retailers. The Big Drop Inc. team delivers functional designs that are both beautifully designed and user friendly.


3. Konstant Infosolutions

DCR Trust Score: 64%

With offices in New York, California, Florida, and India, Konstant Infosolutions has 13 years of experience designing and developing ecommerce solutions for clients in a number of sectors. Konstant Infosolutions excels at creating rewarding shopping websites for various products and services. The team combines material design, real-time marketing strategies, mobile commerce, multi-vendor stores to create powerful shopping experiences for clients online. Ecommerce plans from Konstant Infosolutions include Magento, Zen Cart, Open Cart, Amazon Web Store, Shopify, Drupal Ubercart, and Custom Ecommerce development options.


4. WebFX

DCR Trust Score: 62%

Located in Harrisburg, PA, WebFX is an award-winning Internet marketing agency. WebFX combines all the elements of a successful website to create powerful online stores that convert more customers and earn more revenue for clients. Ecommerce sites from WebFX are also scalable and easy to use. The agency uses Magento, the world’s leading ecommerce platform as the building block of clients’ ecommerce stores. Using the enhanced Magento content management system, WebFX makes it easy for clients to control every aspect of their online stores from promotions to merchandising. And ecommerce solutions from WebFX ensure that as your business grows, your ecommerce stores will grow right along with you.


5. DotcomWeavers

DCR Trust Score: 51%

DotcomWeavers is a top-rated web design and development company with locations in New Jersey, Florida, and India. The agency offers everything from shopping cart solutions to third party integrations, and the team at DotcomWeavers works to understand your unique business goals and develop custom solutions. DotcomWeavers prides itself on developing strong client relationships, and have completed more than 300 successful projects. Whether your company is in the initial stages of launching its website or you already have an established presence online, DotcomWeavers will work with you to streamline your ecommerce capabilities and grow your business online.


6. Unleaded Group

DCR Trust Score: 40%

Located in Denver, CO, Unleaded Group provides digital design and development services. The company’s ecommerce plans use custom web design and development to help clients convert more customers online. And the Unleaded Group team understands how to create ecommerce sites that are both beautifully designed and user friendly. Because of the scalability, features, and customized found in Magento, it is Unleaded Group’s preferred platform for ecommerce solutions. The company’s full suite of professional services includes site and brand design, site development, ongoing digital marketing packages, and site maintenance plans. Unleaded Group clients include Denver Beer Co., Science Supply, BWAB Oil & Gas, and Marczyk Fine Foods.


7. Hudson Integrated

DCR Trust Score: 32%

Hudson Integrated is an integrated digital agency with locations in New Jersey and New York City. The Hudson Integrated team specializes in creating highly advanced digital ecommerce solutions, digital marketing, responsive design, and app development. Hudson Integrated knows what it takes to create top-notch ecommerce sites, and the team works with a variety of clients to help them transition to digital and reach more customers online. The agency has been recognized by PRNews, Web Marketing Association, The Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, and Top Interactive Agencies. Top Hudson Integrated clients include Duralee, MOVE Bumpers, Boys and Girls Club of America, and FundSocially.


8. Dotlogics

DCR Trust Score: 29%

Located in New York City, Dotlogics is an award-winning web design company. Founded in 2003, Dotlogics is 100% independent and owner-managed. Dotlogics provides custom ecommerce development solutions, and the team works with companies from small startups to global enterprises. Professional ecommerce solutions from Dotlogics are custom-built, fully scalable, and designed to keep up with your growing business. The Dotlogics team can also integrate third-party APIs, plugins, and shopping carts. Top Dotlogics clients include McDonald’s, Chocolate Gourmet, Indigo Collection, Saucony, and Hyatt’s.


9. Inflexion Interactive

DCR Trust Score: 26%

Inflexion Interactive is a leading web development company with technical strength in ecommerce development. Founded in 2010, the team specializes in building momentum for clients online, research and analytics, web design and development, and digital marketing services. Inflexion Interactive is located in New York City, and the agency provides comprehensive web development services for mid- to large-sized businesses. The team uses the latest in web technology and analytics to develop ecommerce sites that help clients attract more customers and revenue. Top Inflexion Interactive clients include Sabra Dipping Company, DenTek, Salonpas, and Mayo Clinic.


10. Forix Commerce

DCR Trust Score: 22%

Located in Portland, OR, Forix Commerce creates custom ecommerce development solutions to boost conversions. Ecommerce development plans from Forix Commerce include analytics and strategy, experience design, custom dev, and integrations, and managed support. The team has launched more than 750 successful sites, and they work to connect the right technologies to increase sales and streamline workflows. From extensive ecommerce integrations to stand-alone enterprise applications, Forix has you covered. Forix Commerce works with top brands like Black&Decker, GoPro, SIGMA, Yokohama, and Adidas.


How to find the best ecommerce developer in 6 steps

With so many ecommerce website developers available, it’s a challenge to choose the best ecommerce developer for your business. You can narrow your list of contenders, however, by following these six steps in how to find a top ecommerce development company.

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1.      List what you want from ecommerce development

When it comes to ecommerce development, your company knows what you want to do. It’s how you do it that’s the difficult part, which is where the expertise of a web developer becomes valuable. Before you start chatting with web development companies, however, you need to determine what you need.

After all, you don’t want to contact ecommerce web developers that can’t meet your requirements.

For this step, you want to meet with any team member involved in your website. This can include in-house developers, marketing staff, or even business leaders. While slightly time-consuming, this step ensures you know what everyone wants and needs from your ecommerce site.

Based on your meetings, you should have answers to the following questions:

  • What do we want to accomplish with hiring an ecommerce development company?
  • What platform, like Shopify or Drupal, do we want to use?
  • What is our desired deadline or turnaround time?
  • Are there any unique challenges or features that come with our site?
  • Who will serve as the point-of-contact for our ecommerce web developers?

With your answers, create a checklist or outline for potential ecommerce website development companies to reference. This checklist can help your business receive an extremely accurate estimate, as well as limit your quote requests to the agencies that matter.


2.      Determine your maximum ecommerce web development budget

Companies also need to determine their ecommerce web development budget. If you go into meetings with potential ecommerce web developers without a budget (or an idea of web development pricing) it can waste your time and even lead to overspending.

If your business already has a maximum budget for developing your ecommerce site, you can reference this amount. It does help, however, to do some research into the pricing of top ecommerce development companies.

In some cases, you may even find that your budget doesn’t come close to the average rate of leading ecommerce web developers. If you encounter this situation, you may have to talk with company decision-makers about a budget increase.

When you speak with business leaders, provide plenty of evidence in support of a larger budget. You can site the quality of work of top ecommerce development companies for example, as well as pricing factors, like an expedited timeline, that demand a more substantial budget.

Once you have your budget secured, you can start creating a list of potential developers.


3.      Browse reviews for the top ecommerce development companies

Past clients can provide your team with tremendous insight into the quality of top ecommerce development companies. They can also alert your business to specific drawbacks of an ecommerce web developer.

As you browse reviews and testimonials, look for recurring themes.

Maybe, for example, an ecommerce website development company repeatedly misses project deadlines. Or, the developers often ignore client requests or questions. Each of these examples can cause your team to look at another ecommerce web development agency.

Reviews can also share strengths that relate to your project.

You may learn, for instance, that an ecommerce website developer group responds to client emails and calls within 48-hours. Or, that another company is renowned for its ability to tackle complex sites and projects.

As you read client reviews and testimonials, make sure you visit a variety of sites. For example, you can view testimonials on that ecommerce website developer’s site, then check out ratings on social media and websites like DesignCompaniesRanked and Clutch.


4.      Review portfolio examples from leading ecommerce website developers

If you like the client feedback about an ecommerce website development company, move on to browsing that firm’s portfolio. As a dedicated ecommerce web development firm, their portfolio should feature a significant amount of ecommerce site examples.

The best ecommerce developers, however, will feature a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to create unique, one-of-a-kind websites for clients. Each site, for example, should exemplify that client’s brand.

If you browse a portfolio and encounter dozens of examples that seem the same, that agency isn’t a top ecommerce development company. They’re a business that develops cookie-cutter sites for their clients, inserting customization only when it’s necessary.

With the number of ecommerce stores in the world today, you can’t afford to blend in — you need to stand out. That’s why you need to narrow your list of potential ecommerce website developers to ones that can adapt their style to their clients.


5.      Get custom quotes from your list of favorite ecommerce web developers

Now that you have a list of the top ecommerce development companies for your business, you can begin the process of requesting custom quotes. When you ask for a quote, try to provide as much information as possible.

In most cases, a development firm will follow-up with your team before providing a quote. This additional information upfront, however, can limit their follow-up questions and expedite their quote process.

Depending on your location and the size of the ecommerce website development company, they may offer to present a proposal in-person. If you can, take advantage of this opportunity. It allows you to meet some of their team, plus get a feel for that company’s personality.

When you receive your quotes, it’s important to review the details. You want an ecommerce web developer that provides upfront quotes that include a breakdown of what that quote includes, like development, testing, and consultations, for example.

The best ecommerce developers are happy to share what their services include. If an agency’s hesitant to provide service details, consider crossing them off your list of contenders. You want a company that’s upfront — not one that could surprise your team later with hidden fees.


6.      Pick the best ecommerce developer for your business

Following your research and meetings, your team can move forward with choosing the best ecommerce developers for your business. Before you select an agency for your organization, you should consider several key factors.

The three most critical factors include:

  1. Price
  2. Reviews
  3. Service

While it may seem like a minor fact, your team should also think about the personality and values of the ecommerce website development agency. If you get along with the firm and like how they interacted with your team, it can make your decision easy.


5 features to look for in top ecommerce development companies

If you’re looking for advice on how to narrow your list of potential ecommerce website development agencies, there are a few features your team can look for in candidates. From pricing to talent, you can research these five factors when searching for the top ecommerce development companies.


1.      Upfront web development pricing

The best ecommerce developers offer upfront prices for their services. They don’t surprise your business with hidden fees as other agencies do. Instead, they provide your team with an overview of their prices and services.

If you sign with an agency and their rates change for any reason — like due to additional project requirements, they alert your team to these changes. They also request your approval before continuing work, so they don’t exceed your budget.


2.      Unbeatable client satisfaction

Top ecommerce website development companies also maintain an unbeatable level of client satisfaction. They have excellent reviews that consistently mention the agency’s ability to achieve and exceed client expectations.

If you’re investing the time and effort, as well as money, to work with an ecommerce web developer, you want to choose an agency that values your satisfaction. It’ll make your workday easier. Not to mention, it’ll have a positive impact on the quality of your ecommerce site.


3.      Top developers

The industry’s leading ecommerce website development companies feature some of the best ecommerce developers. This is a distinct benefit, and one your business should use to your advantage.

With talented developers on your side, you can get the best possible version of your site. Plus, these developers can leverage their industry expertise to tackle challenging problems that would puzzle less-experienced agencies.


4.      Ecommerce platform expertise

Top ecommerce development companies can often work with a variety of ecommerce platforms, like Shopify. Depending on your business and development needs, you may need an agency with expertise in a specific platform.

If you’re working with some of the best ecommerce developers, you can trust they feature a dedicated and specialized team for each platform. This is especially true when partnering with larger ecommerce website developer agencies.


5.      Custom ecommerce websites

A copy-and-paste approach doesn’t work for ecommerce web development. You want an ecommerce website development company that can create a customized solution for your business. If not, your organization may have to invest in web development again shortly after.

You can look at an ecommerce website development company’s ability to customize their approach by exploring their portfolio. In some cases, your in-house developer may have the chance to speak with that agency’s developers and learn more about their approach.

With these five factors, your team can move toward finding the best ecommerce website development company for your business. Just remember, don’t settle for a low-quality firm. Invest in the best to get the most from your ecommerce site.


Find the top ecommerce development company for your business!

If you’re looking to find the best ecommerce development company to optimize your online store, which can help you reach even more shoppers and increase your online sales, then this list of top ecommerce development companies can help you get started.

Start researching potential ecommerce web developers now!

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