The Best Web Design Apps of 2016

Apps have definitely taken center stage the past year, offering all sorts of opportunities for professionals in a variety of industries. This includes web designing, which has spurred the innovation of app creators. They’ve pushed the bar higher and higher, and we’re pleased to share some of the best design apps that came into their own in or by 2016.

  1. Atomic

With an explosive name, Atomic heads our list as a great app for web design and development teams, and it kicks us off with a bang. The flexible software features interaction possibilities between users. The interface seamlessly moves from device to device and allows for uploading.

If you find that making and sharing prototypes is frustrating, Atomic is a must-explore. The company offers a free trial, and there are several levels of packages available if you decide to buy a monthly subscription.

  1. Frontify

Frontify is a good tool if you want to make it easier to design a website layout. The software company promotes itself as building the relationship between designers and developers, which can sometimes be challenging. You’ll find style guides, workflows and more at the Frontify site.

Pricing for Frontify widely ranges, making it a solid choice for the casual designer or the pro. You can see if you like Frontify by signing in and trying it for free.

  1. Blocs

No, or limited, coding experience? No problem. Blocs is the ideal app for designers who find that coding just gets in the way of creativity. Blocs allows you to design on any Mac device with ease.

Like most web design apps, Blocs has a free trial period, after which you will need to buy the product. Instead of a subscription, Blocs is a one-time fee software.

  1. Sketch

Sketch is another app that’s specifically designed for Macs. For a one-time fee, you can download Sketch. The company targets web designers who are interested in focusing on UI and/or UX.

It’s a very intuitive tool, and it has been gaining speed among designers looking for a lightweight, but feature-packed, design tool.

  1. Invision

As far as leaders go, Invision has held one of the top spots in the web design prototyping and workflow market. With their robust app, you can dependably collaborate with team members and clients while building exceptional sites.

Unless you need the enterprise version of Invision, you’ll get a lot for a very low price: free.

  1. Adobe Comp CC

As a known commodity in the software world, Adobe brings its expertise to the Adobe Comp CC web design app. The key to this app is its speed and accessibility. If you imagine how exciting it would be to create incredible web design layouts on your tablet, you should look into Adobe Comp CC.

Free for download, the app won’t help you develop a final look for your site, but it will get you started on your prototyping and ideas.

  1. Builder Engine

To design a complete website, you’ll need to use Builder Engine on your desktop or laptop. However, the company does offer adds and apps. This allows you to make use of your time away from work — and have the perfect app at your fingertips when inspiration strikes.

After a free trial offer, Builder Engine has a very low monthly subscription rate, even for pro users who need more from the platform.

Test Web Design Apps

Now comes the fun part: Testing the web design apps available on the market. Be sure to look for apps that suit your web design needs. In a world of apps, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that will get you where you want to go and help you turn design concepts into reality.

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