Level Level Reviews and Ratings

Level Level is a web design company that is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They have provided their web design and strategy services to medium to large-sized organizations since 2006.

Each website they create has a baseline criterion that allows their clients to drive valuable traffic to their websites while having a beautifully customized web design. The criteria include responsive designs, usability, performance, security, accessibility, and SEO.

They refer to WordPress as their “weapon of choice” in creating the highest quality customization for their clients’ web designs. They know that conversions are the main focus, so their designs are created to provide the best user experience with an intuitive design.

In addition to WordPress, Level Level also provides web design from scratch using HTML 5, CSS3, and Java. If a client chooses a website from scratch, Level Level will start by providing a wireframe of the site’s pages and navigation. After the wireframe is solidified, a graphic designer will create a look that professionally portrays a client’s brand. All of their websites are created to be responsive across all devices regardless of screen size.

Level Level also provides strategy services including visitor analysis and phased projects to keep track of the opportunities and challenges that a client may have with their marketing campaign.

Clients served by Level Level include Cordaid, Business Insider Netherlands, Autotaalglas Webshop, and more.

If you want to know more about Level Level, you can take a look at their website!

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