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Web Design Coding: The Basics

When the Internet was in its fledgling stages, web designers had to know how to code. This meant spending tons of time learning on their own or in a classroom setting. Today, the world has changed quite a bit for web design professionals. Now, robust software packages and apps make it possible for web designers at all levels to avoid learning even one line of code. They can simply rely on their design platforms to do the backend coding for them, or pass off their prototypes to web developers who can write unique code and build the site. Nevertheless, some web designers feel that they’re missing out on a deeper understanding of their work without the ability to code. For them, we’ve put together a few basics about web design…
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The Best Web Design Apps of 2016

Apps have definitely taken center stage the past year, offering all sorts of opportunities for professionals in a variety of industries. This includes web designing, which has spurred the innovation of app creators. They’ve pushed the bar higher and higher, and we’re pleased to share some of the best design apps that came into their own in or by 2016. (more…)
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How to Tell a Story With Your Web Design

Storytelling has been an art form for millennia. Now, you can use the best storytelling techniques to amp up your web design. By following a few simple rules, you can revolutionize your site design and captivate visitors. Add a little keyword optimization, and you have the makings of an outstanding website! (more…)
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Web Design Layouts That Users Will Love

A web design layout might win tons of awards and accolades, but if users don’t love it, what’s the point? To create web design layouts that are actually rewarding from every angle, web designers have to be in tune with what people honestly like when visiting a site. From the site’s ability to excite visitors to take action, to its continuously outstanding analytics and functioning, it should be ideal on every level. How can you make sure your web design layout is compelling and not clouded? Check out these ideas for layouts your users will love again and again. (more…)
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What Does Font Have to Do With Great Web Design?

When you’re focused on designing a website, it can be easy to overlook the importance of fonts. However, fonts play a role in the ultimate effectiveness of the site’s performance, appearance, and clarity. By understanding the aspects of fonts that make them so significant, you can ensure your site is cleaner-looking and better-functioning. (more…)
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